Handmade Custom Wooden Bikes

Style & Performance

Handmade Wooden Hiking Poles


Handmade Custom Wooden Bikes

Our wooden bikes are designed for cycling enthusiasts looking for a unique aesthetic concept without sacrificing the necessary properties required of the bicycle frames for optimum performance.

The superb qualities of this material (lightness, strength and shock absortion) and the various possibilities arising from the combination of different types of wood, makes it a unique material whose excellent mechanical properties make the ride all the more enjoyable.

Handmade Wooden Hiking Gear

With a sleek and ergonomic design, Axalko's Makilla (stick in basque) is suitable for hiking, trekking and even alpine sports (as demostrated in the climbing of Denali (Mckienly) in Alaska).

These high-technology and nature-friendly walking poles have an enviable design and finish with the inimitable feeling that wood gives to the touch, complemented with soft rubber-touch finish.

Wood is one of the most sustainable materials, as it is natural, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, with zero CO2 emissions, non-toxic and it requires low energy to be transformed.